This treats chronic pain in your trunk or legs. It uses electrical pulses to disrupt pain signals as they pass through your spinal nerves. It may reduce your need for pain medications. Here’s how it works.

This therapy targets a bundle of nerve cells called a “dorsal root ganglion.” We say “DRG.” DRGs are found on your spinal nerves, where they branch away from your central nervous system. Pain signals from all over your body must pass through a DRG on the way to your brain. Based on the location of your pain, your surgeon can tell which DRG your pain signals pass through. And, your surgeon can help you control this pain with a three part system. The first part is called the “lead.” The lead delivers the stimulation to your nerves. This thin, flexible wire is placed against the DRG. Your surgeon may need to place more than one lead. The second part is called the “generator.” It’s implanted beneath your skin. The leads connect to it. The generator produces mild electric pulses that travel through the leads to your DRG. These pulses intercept and block pain signals. They help you feel a lot less pain. The third part is called the “controller.” You use this to adjust the signals. Your controller may be an app on your phone, tablet or smartwatch. Customize your settings to deliver the strength and pattern of stimulation that feels best to you. Talk to your doctor to find out if dorsal root ganglion stimulation therapy is right for you.