This is an implant that lifts and separates your vertebrae. It’s used to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. That’s a narrowing of the space around your spinal nerves in your lower back. The Superion implant makes more room for these nerves, relieving painful compression.

To begin, you lie face down. You are given medicine to help you feel relaxed. Your lower back is numbed. The surgeon may create a small incision in your back and work directly though that opening. Or, the surgeon works through a tube called a “cannula.” With the help of a fluoroscope (an x-ray device that shows video images), the surgeon carefully inserts the Superion implant. It is placed between the spinous processes of your vertebrae. Those are the bony protrusions at the rear of your spine. The implant expands, pushing apart your vertebrae and locking securely into position in your spine. This relieves pressure on your nerves. When the procedure is done, the incision is closed and your skin is covered with a small bandage. You will be monitored for a brief time, and then you can go home. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help your recovery.